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All 11cv owners should be aware of the fact that you never try to turn the engine over by pushing the car with the gearbox in gear.

Many otherwise strong gearboxes have been ruined by trying to jumpstart the car by pushing it in gear then engaging the clutch.

The gearbox design does not allow it to accept heavy “loading” of the ring and pinion which this causes. The fact that the aluminum gearbox housing is now 56 to 79 years old increases risk of damage.


11CV front hubs are fit to the drive shaft on a tapered shaft. It is very important to observe the following:

  • A special puller is required to remove the front hub from the drive shaft. It does all of the pulling from the machined groove just behind the hub nut. Putting any type of puller on the outside of the drum or the lug studs will very likely damage the assembly by either bending it or breaking the drum.

  • Installation of the hub onto the taper must be done correctly or it will self-destruct very quickly. When installing the hub, the taper on the driveshaft and inside the hub have to be completely CLEAN and DRY. Only then can the taper make full contact and tighten as designed. Correct torque of 216 ft. lb. must be used. Never back the nut off to install the cotter pin.

  • RETORQUE of the nut is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. This should be done after a few miles of driving, and then again to be checked after 100 miles or so.

WARNING When installing, any presence of lubricant, anti-seize compound, dirt, OR the failure to torque correctly WILL result in heavy (and expensive) damage to the hub and drive shaft.

Flushing your hydraulic system

If your car’s hydraulic system has not been flushed for years, it is probably overdue.

“TOTAL” now makes a flushing solvent specifically for Citroën hydraulic systems. Hydraurincage is the trade name. Basically, you drain the system as much as possible, install the flushing fluid. Then drive the car 1500 km to 5000 km, cleaning the filter on a regular basis. Then you drain the system, and install new LHM fluid.

I have had customers tell me of almost immediate improvements in the operation of the shifting system, the height correctors, and in the hydraulics in general.

Full instructions for use are available with purchase.