Parts Industries Classic Quality


We hereby introduce Parts Industries Classic Quality, a registered trademark for high quality products for the classic Citroën, such as the famous 2CV, the goddess of the road ID/DS, the nostalgic Traction Avant and the extraordinary HY.

Parts Industries is a quality label that represents a four star product and it lets the consumer know that de quality of that product is comparable to the original quality or that it is even better due to current technology. For example a better fit, choice of material, durability, operation and protection. It’s definitely Matching Quality when it comes to a comparison with OEM (original equipment manufacturer) products, products that used to be manufactured in the original production line.

Meanwhile, there are over 1000 products in the Parts Industries Classic Quality assortment, such as embellisher strips, rubber parts, lighting, engine parts, bumpers, bearings, sheet metal etc. The Part Industries products are recognizable by the vintage logo and they are available at the better Citroën specialist. All the Parts Industries products have a warranty period of two years.