Citroens at Carlisle 2021


Citroens at Carlisle 2021

Plans are underway for Citroens at Carlisle to be a part of the Carlisle Import & Performance Nationals at the Carlisle Fairgrounds, May 14-15, 2021.

After our absence from the 2020 show due to concerns of safety because of Covid, we hope to resume our presence, continuing our 30+ years of involvement.

Citroens at Carlisle will follow all PA Department of Health guidelines, as well as those of the CDC for social distancing, etc.

Initial thoughts are to continue our annual “People’s Choice” judging, as well as the possibility of seminar (s).   If we decide to offer a seminar (or 2 or ?) Carlisle Events assured me that there would be a venue available for the seminar allowing for social distancing.

We have the outside pavilion reserved at Fiddler’s Restaurant at Mayapple Golf Course for Saturday night.  Final plans for our dinner will be made as close to the event as possible, and will again follow the guidelines of the PA Department of Health and the CDC for social distancing, etc.  The type of meal we have will be dictated by the Health Department guidelines in effect at that time.  Be assured, that George will do whatever is necessary to make our evening memorable as ever.  Watch for details closer to the date, as I WILL need RSVP for Saturday night.

New hours are listed for the event, Friday 12 till 6 (with early shoppers allowed in the flea market at 8AM) and Saturday 7AM till 6PM.   There are no hours listed for Sunday.

Please see event details at             

Early registration for the show field saves you 10% and also insures you will have your credentials mailed to you prior to the show, saving you from stopping at the gate on arrival.  Registration is on the website above.   When you register, if in advance thru the website, or when you arrive, please be sure to indicate that you are with Citroens at Carlisle as your club affiliation.

We understand that our planning has to be very flexible and might have to be changed at the last minute.  We ask everyone to consider participating.   For those who have never been to Citroens at Carlisle, most of the events are outdoors.  You can attend either or both days, you have the option of attending the dinner Saturday night if you like.   Normally the busiest day and most activity will be on Saturday.   For those who prefer not to stay overnight, you can arrive mid-morning Saturday and leave late afternoon.   Although there is a fee for attending the Import  & Performance Nationals, there is no fee to be a part of Citroens at Carlisle.

I ask that you contact me at if you will consider attending.  A rough idea of how many might attend, as well as how many would be interested in attending the Saturday night dinner, would be appreciated.

If you would like to participate by being considered to present a seminar, please email me with thoughts of what your presentation would involve.    Seminars have to be approved, and planned for in advance.

Thanks in advance for considering attending Citroens at Carlisle.

Brad Nauss